Can I visit the Illumination Mac Guff facility?
We are not offering tours of our studio due to confidentiality issues and production schedule.
What's the difference between Illumination Mac Guff and Mac Guff Ligne?
Illumination Mac Guff was founded in 2011 after the acquisition by Universal Pictures of the feature animation division of Mac Guff Ligne, a French visual effects studio. The two companies are now completely independent. Illumination Mac Guff is entirely dedicated to make animated feature films for Universal.
I have a movie idea, can I submit it to you?
We do not consider any unsolicited creative ideas sent to us. Our stories are developed internally and it is our policy not to look at any external submissions.
Can I transform into a Minion?
How should I apply for a position at Illumination Mac Guff ?
When you see a position of interest on our web site under the careers tab, please click on the specific position. You will see a link to our filling application. If you don’t see an open position matching your profile, you can fill up the application form as well.
Will I hear from you after I apply?

Once you’ve submitted your application form, you will receive a confirmation email. Due to the number of submissions it takes time to review them. We're not able to contact people individually with feedback. We'll certainly contact you if there is interest in your work.
How often should I apply?
We recommend every 6 months, unless there is a change in your contact information, a significant updated reel or you're interested to apply for a new position.
If I am not authorized to work in France, can I still apply at Illumination Mac Guff?
Illumination Mac Guff is interested to hire from around the globe. Unfortunately, the process for obtaining work visas is complicated and difficult for citizens outside of the European states and Schengen countries. We recommend you get familiar about visas before applying.