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Duties and responsibilities

  • Interpret 2D storyboards or script and create 3D shots
  • Block the posing and timing of the characters in a given environment
  • Be responsible for the selection of cameras angles and camera moves
  • Work with Layout Supervisor and Leads to find the best creative/technical problem solving approach for assigned sequences/shots.
  • Be able to help Director in a cinematic staging way

Qualifications and required skills

  • Experience in editing
  • Knowledge of lenses, positioning and moving cameras
  • Experience in character animation
  • Capability to interpret a design and modify some modeling if needed
  • Communication skills / Team working skills
  • Familiarity with pipeline issues.
  • Aptitude to prioritize tasks and meet tight deadlines
  • Strong eye for framing composition and perspective, and knowledge in lighting, compositing and VFX.
  • French and/or English knowledge is required

Demo Reel requirements

  • Layout shots, not finalized shots
  • Split screen with storyboard and finalized shots
  • Shot breakdown


  • Work permit in France required

We thank all applicants for their interest!